• Product Features

    Flange and barrel: high-strength aluminum alloy material, forged by low-pressure centrifugal, and heat-treated, so it has the best rigidity and durability;

    Welding: High-precision welding is carried out by means of a robotic automatic welding method using a metal inert gas;

    Since the function of the dynamic balance can maintain good compatibility with the textile machine even if it is rotated at a high degree;

    After hard machine coating, it completely prevents corrosion and surface scratches, and maintains its durability and precision even after several years of use;

    The warranty period is one year;

    Three Stars Forged Aluminium Disc

    about threestar

    YongKang ThreeStar Aluminium Beams Factory was established in 2002 who has 16 years of history. It is a professional manufacturer of domestic production by the combination of the knitting machine warp beam (aluminum pan head) with strong technical force and production capacity.

    Hot Products

    In the 16 years of development history in 2002, the company's products have basically passed the test of the market, and have basically met the basic needs of the market. Higher-end products, we recommend to everyone here, need to help your company, if you need, please click to contact us immediately.



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